Writing Questions

The June 2016 release of the Technical Guidelines for Engineering Assessments (the Guidelines) was a draft. A revised draft will be released to coincide with wider public consultation on the proposed earthquake prone building arrangements during August and September 2016. A final version will issued to coincide with the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act coming into force early in 2017.

The Project Technical Group welcome feedback on the Guidelines during each of these stages. Feedback may be as simple as notifying the editor about a typographical mistakes or asking for clarification of the meaning of a paragraph. Or it may identify an aspect that requires a group member to write additional guidance.

The more significant feedback questions and their answers will be added to the searchable Knowledge Base. The group members will appreciate users of the Guidelines following the suggestions below when writing their questions in the feedback forms. This will help the team decide who needs to answer and efficiently prepare and publish an answer.

Questions should clearly quote the page number as well as the section, paragraph or bullet number and any other information that will help identify the location of the issue within the section.

Clarification questions and notification of typographical mistakes

Answers to most clarification questions and mistake notifications will be published in the Errata page within the Knowledge Base and incorporated in the next version of the Guidelines. Please check the Errata page to save you time should someone else have already reported the same thing. And check you are using the most recent version of the Guidance!

The editor would appreciate any other relevant context and, if appropriate, a suggested correction.

Questions about missing or inconsistent information

Answers to questions about missing or inconsistent information will normally be added to the Knowledge Base and incorporated in the next version of the Guidelines.

The technical group would appreciate the user providing a concise question that still provides enough context and detail to avoid their needing to request clarification.