Assessor Training

Engineers need training to use the Technical Guidelines for Engineering Assessments (the Guidelines) so seismic assessments of existing buildings are carried out consistently throughout New Zealand.

An important aspect of the assessment process, is the specific need to consider the impact of parts of buildings on the building earthquake rating. Parts of a building include those elements that would be considered as secondary structural or non-structural in nature. However, not all secondary structural and non-structural elements are considered to impact on the earthquake rating. Engineers undertaking assessments of buildings must be able to identify which elements should be considered to have an impact and which elements do not need to be, noting that ‘parts’ for seismic assessment purposes have a narrower focus than in the more familiar NZS 1170.5 context.

This one-day seminar provides an overview of the objectives and principles within the Guidelines, with a focus on identifying which types of building element could pose a significant life safety hazard as set out in Part A. Participants will then assess earthquake scores for a selection of Secondary Structural and Non-Structural (SSNS) elements such as stairs, precast concrete panels and glazing systems using Section C10. The last session of the seminar will be a Q&A forum on any aspect of the Guidelines.

To register for the seminar (at the locations shown in the calendar below) or for more information please view the seminar brochure, phone Blue Pacific Events on 09 536 5410 or email

October 2017
9 10 Wellington 12 13 14/15
Dunedin 17 Christchurch 19 20 21/22
23 Napier 25 Auckland Hamilton 28/29