Initial Seismic Assessment

The Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings (the Guidelines) provides a technical basis for engineers to carry out seismic assessments of existing buildings within New Zealand.

Part A of the Guidelines outlines the scope and application, and provides a general overview of the seismic assessment process. It describes the linkage with the relevant requirements of the Building Act 2004, associated regulations and the EPB methodology. It also provides a brief overview and outline of the key principles of reducing the seismic risk of buildings – designing seismic ‘improvement’.

Part B of the Guidelines sets out the Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA), which provides a broad indication of the likely level of seismic performance of a building. potentially earthquake-prone buildings in some circumstances.

Download copies of the two parts:
Part B includes the Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP). The IEP Assessment Template (Spreadsheet) provides working versions of Tables IEP-1 to IEP-5.
Download the IEP Assessment Template (XLSM 2.7 MB)
An Assessment Summary Report Template is used to summarise the key information from an ISA and any subsequent Detailed Seismic Assessment. The summary information must be included at the front of all assessment reports for potentially earthquake-prone buildings.
Download the Assessment Summary Report Template (DOCX 29 kB)