Errata for Section C5

Following the Kaikōura Earthquake and Statistics House investigation, MBIE commissioned a project team to update the seismic assessment procedures for precast concrete floor systems. Their work will update section C5 of the Engineering Assessment Guidelines that apply to Concrete Buildings.

Work on section C5 of the Guidelines identified eight corrections that were presented in the MBIE Consultation: Intention to Correct Equations in Section C5 of the Guidelines for the Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings. The consultation closed on 26 February 2018.

MBIE published Errata (download) for Section C5 on 26 March 2018.

The Earthquake-prone Building methodology requires the Guidelines to be used for building assessments that councils use to make decisions about whether or not a building is earthquake prone. (See MBIE earthquake-prone building regulations and EPB Methodology.) The corrections need to be used for assessments submitted for this purpose after 26 March 2018.